Any disadvantages when buying an Intel core i5 ****T processor for 4K monitors?


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For a new mainboard based on Z87 chipset I have to buy an Intel CPU.

So my considerations so far are:

I want to use later a full 4K monitor with 60Hz and with integrated iGPU Graphic.
On the other side I want to use a CPU with minimum Thermal DP Watt.

As far as I can see a core i5 4th generation CPUs with integrated HD 4600 graphic are suitable.

But which of the sub model versions should I take?

The variants with the smallest Thermal DP are the core i5 with the letter "T" at the end e.g.


Are there any heavy disadvantages when using these CPUs rather than other core i5 4th Gen. models?

Are they supported (with drivers) by Win 7

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