Windows 7 Anyone install Win 7 using MS Virtual 2007?

If you did were the wireless drivers installed? If not were you able to install the drivers without getting a wire connection?


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It uses a bridge to use your internet from the Host OS.
So no drivers needed.

I was able to chnage in the setting from a ethernet card to my Linksys USB adapter.

I still say using a Virtual Machine for OS's is pointless.. I'm sorry but I just don't see the point these days.. it's so easy to make partitions, hard drives are super cheap now, and using a virtual machine doesn't allow you to get the true experience your ment to get out of an OS as it doesn't even use your PC's hardware... Generic "fake" hardware just isn't gonna cut it for me.. I spent way to much on my main pc to not even use the hardware.. but that's just my opinion.. ;)

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