Windows 10 App to move forground window every x minutes


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Hi... here's a strange question for you.

We've recently 'updated' our 3d software and some systems have run into a purely random, but VERY frustrating issue.

It's a known issue but the developers of our render software can't replicate it because it's very random.

What happens is:

When a frame for an animation finishes rendering, 50% of the time it doesn't move to the next frame...... it just hangs there until someone moves a window in the software a little bit. This then wakes it up.

Very frustrating if you're rendering something over the weekend or overnight..... you then look at the systems and it's done sod all.

Here's a video of it happening. It was just sitting there doing nothing until I moved a window:

Here's a link to a post I made

BatchCam Render with Corona 7 (hotfix1) and Max22

My question to you is..... is there any way we can tell windows to automatically move a foreground window a little bit every X minutes. This'll mean that if it does freeze, it'll then be woken up again.

If something like that does exist and it did work, you'd turn this big frown upside down :D .

It would be a very niche application. It is certainly possible programmatically.
It would be a very niche application. It is certainly possible programmatically.
Great..... can you do it then ? :Do_O

I'm wondering how I could go about finding someone who could do it.

Is there somewhere you can suggest? Maybe freelancer?

There are free lance sites like UpWork you could contract someone to right such a program.

It could be done with any dotNET language and leverage system calls in the User32.dll

Since the Window does not have a static name it would be a matter of calling EnumWindows and looking at the Window Title of each window handle to locate the correct window and it's associated handle. Once the handle is know a call to GetWindowsRec to get the current position of the window and then adjust the rectangle object and finally a call to SetWindowPos to set the new position.