[ ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER ] Divorce, Cheating on Wife Maria Shriver ?


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The former California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger and wife Maria Shriver have split. Why did the couple breakup? According to sources, Schwarzenegger had a wandering eye and reportedly was caught cheating on his wife. Is it true? Will the couple divorce?

Born under the astrology star sign of Cancer, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that Schwarzenegger and Shriver split because of “multiple allegations of the aging action star’s marital infidelities. Top it off with Schawarzenegger’s increasingly over-the-top ego trips and Maria Shriver’s realization she played a very minor role in the movie script of his life.”

Astrologically, although this year will be tough for Schwarzenegger a Cancer, next year he will bounce back. We predict a new hit movie and a MUCH YOUNGER girlfriend.

For Maria Shriver a Scorpio girl, she will have a much more difficult path to follow. Shriver will be on an emotional roller coaster ride and will be sad over the demise of her marriage. I don’t think she wants a divorce but Schwarzenegger’s selfish ways have left her with no choice.

The only thing left is to split the family fortune. Schwarzenegger’s net worth is over $300 million which means Maria Shriver is entitled to $150 million. I guess she can cry all the way too the bank. Wishing them the best.


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Maria is fed up with Arnold's infidelities ... coupled with the fact he's been "impossible" to live with. We're told Maria's kids acknowledge the issues -- and have pushed their mother to call off the marriage.

Maria moved out of the couple's L.A. mansion months ago. Sources tell us she's been extremely unhappy in her marriage for years, complaining about Arnold's out of control ego, as well as his womanizing. Maria feels Arnold has ignored her for years and she's felt terribly unappreciated.

Sources say the couple has spent "very little time together" for several years. Maria was frequently absent from Sacramento while Arnold was Governor. The situation got worse once Arnold left office and decided he wanted to resurrect his movie career. Maria felt Arnold was becoming more erratic -- more "unstable." Our sources say Maria's religious views caused her deep distress over whether to split and/or divorce. As one source put it: "She's been a lost soul for a long time."

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver Divorce -- A Long Time Coming | TMZ.com

Maria Shriver, who will separate from her husband, former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, has borne a burden of grief. Her mother, Eunice Shriver, died in August 2010. Her beloved uncle, Sen. Edward Kennedy, died two weeks later. Finally, in January, she buried her father, Sargent Shriver, the onetime vice-presidential candidate who fought a long battle with Alzheimer's.

And, on top of that, Shriver, who had given up a career as a successful television journalist so her husband could run for political office, also faced humiliating rumors of her husband's affairs with other women.

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Maria Shriver, Arnold Schwarzenegger Divorce Comes on Heels of Grief for Couple - ABC News