ASUS MARS (Nvidia 285x2) limited edition


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For those wondering what this special edition beast got, there now a full review on Guru3d....although to sum it up here's the bearly beat the Nvidia 295...on every benchmark tested it was within single digits fps difference to a card nearly a THIRD its price...EPIC FAIL :rolleyes:

Bad eh for a card thats gonna be about £900 to buy vs the £350 Nvidia 295...based on that info alone it's gonna be outclassed by the first generation of the GT300 series....omg thats made my day. Anyway suppose at least Nvidia retain their speed crown... for now


2x 648MHz Core, 1476MHz Shader Clock, 4096MB 2484MHz GDDR3 Memory, 480 Stream Processors, SLi Ready

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Someone will buy it, you watch... Did the article mention if it was any good overclocked?


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It did mention that for some reason the OCing options had vanished yet they had been present at a recent computer show it was demo'd at.

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