Atheists Offer Post-Rapture Services before Harold Camping Rapture


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response to the prediction of May 21 as rapture day, atheists have begun cashing in on their guaranteed stay.
A group of atheists in Seattle have begun a funding campaign for people who will be left behind, and a website offers to deliver the mail of Christians after they are taken to heaven to their non-believer friends.

“Rapture Relief Fund” was created just in case Family Radio prognostication is correct, and if not, Seattle Atheists plan on donating its proceeds to Camp Quest West, a camp for children from non-religious families.

John Keiser of Seattle Atheists told, “When you give to this fund, Seattle Atheists will use the money to help survivors of any Armageddon-sized disaster in the Puget Sound area."

So far the campaign has raised $643.66. The group hopes to reach $5,000 by May 21.

According to the billboards proclaiming Jesus’ return, started by Family Radio, true Christians will be taken up to heaven, leaving the rest of the population to suffer for a period of five months before God destroys the Earth on October 21.
Atheists Offer Post-Rapture Services before Harold Camping Rapture, Christian News

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