Baby panda released into wild by keepers dressed as pandas

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    The handlers donned the panda outfits to release giant panda Cao Cao and her cub Cao Gen into the Wolong Nature Reserve.


    They have worn the outfits at all times when handling the creatures as it is thought that a healthy fear of humans will be good for them in the wild.

    When pandas are released from captivity into the wild they are often attacked by other pandas. In 2007, Xiang Xiang, a five-year-old male, was found dead in the Wolong Nature Reserve after such an incident.

    The two pandas will now live in the semi-wild and will be monitored to ensure they have the best chance of survival.

    Breeding experts will also watch them through hidden cameras as part of China's giant panda training project.

    Over in Japan, pandas have also been hitting the headlines as two of the creatures headed to Tokyo's Ueno Zoo from China.

    The city's residents showed their excitement for the new arrivals by lining the streets with panda flags, while shops and cafes have been selling panda-themed merchandise and foods, including a cappuccino with a panda face in the froth.

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