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Bao's Switcher by Bao Nguen is a wonderfull deployment of Desktop Window Manager API's to customize Aero task switching. The switcher has these usefull features:

- shows TILE, DOCK, or GRID layout of your open windows
- customizes hotkeys to flip all windows or application windows only
- adds search function of the windows being exposed
- customizes the looks of how windows appear when flipped
- the original Flip 3D can also be flipped when running Bao's Switcher
- 100 % COMPATIBLE with 7, Vista, and with Server 2008 with Aero interface enabled

The Switcher flips only when Aero is enabled, otherwise it is running idle without a switching action.





Bao's official blog

Bao's Switcher (Download Now)


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I don't know if the app works, but the site has been over run by bots and he doesn't appear to be supporting or developing on it any further. So......

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