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    Hi all,

    I have a computer that runs a slideshow as an electronic bulletin board at work. It's set up to automatically login, copy the slideshow from a network drive and open it at set intervals and every restart. The problem I am facing right now is the mouse cursor. When the system restarts, the mouse sits dead center of the presentation. You can see the mouse on every monitor hooked up to it. I can hide the mouse, but it makes it hard to do any maintenance to the system without a cursor. Ideally, I'd like to:
    1) have a batch script or another windows automated process to switch to my blank cursor at startup.
    2) have another process saved to the desktop to restore the default cursor when needed.

    At this time, IT does not want me to install a third-party program to manage the cursor which is why I'm limited to windows scripts. Any help would be great.
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