Battery does not stay at 100%


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I got 3 new batteries recently for 3 different model laptops (Windows 10). One is working as expected.

The other two batteries work well and charge and discharge normally.

They are usually kept plugged in most of the time. we get a lot of power interruptions so then the batteries discharge a little bit each time and don't go back up to 100%. Then I would have to discharge the battery by a few percent and then charge it back to 100%.

Are there ways to work better than that without updating the BIOS? or is that the only way?
the power system on a laptop should detect that you have the lead in all the time and ask you if it can go into saver mode... (plugged in) is what Asus calls this mode but most the motherboard makers have something along those lines and this mode only charges to 90% because some drain is good for a battery

imo you should stay out of the Bios unless its needed to make your laptop Windows 10 compliant i.e, very old systems models

Screenshot (386).png
yes its normal, Yes I have dozens of laptops, yes I see the same thing... look at the image, if your settings are grayed out like mine then that is what is happening at your end i.e, the power setting is set to override normal use because your system is always on charge

if you have an older laptop i.e, one not designed to run Windows 10 then you will get the default power settings but assuming you do allow updates it should get around to asking you about power... laptops are not designed to run on leads at all time and its not good for the battery to never be charged or just always be on charge

in any event power settings are a Windows thing, not normally your Bios so if you need more help please give us the make/ model of the laptop and a screenshot like the one i posted so we can see
Thanks for the clarification and the confirmation that it happens with other laptops.

No need to do anything more here.