NEWS Belgian expert: WHO messed up Ebola response

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    Belgian scientist who helped discover Ebola in 1976 has accused the World Health Organisation (WHO) of mismanaging the current outbreak response.
    Peter Piot, an award-winning microbiologist, told Al Jazeera that "we wasted too much precious time".
    "It took three months for the WHO to find out there was an Ebola outbreak. That I understand. Guinea had a poor laboratory infrastructure," said Piot in an interview due to be aired on Saturday.

    "I have much more of a problem with the fact that it took five months for WHO, for the international health regulations committee, for that's what it is, to declare this a state of emergency.

    "It took a thousand dead Africans and two Americans who were repatriated to the US because they were infected. There's no excuse for that... It took too long." :eek: :shocked: :zoned:

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