[BELIEVE IT OR NOT] Man writes using 43 different body parts

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    A man is able to write calligraphy by holding pen using 43 different body parts.


    Cao Ruiqin, 44, can form the elegant markings using his eyes, ear hole, nostrils, finger gap, wrist, armpit, belly button, elbow and knee joints.

    Now he wants to apply for a Guinness World Record to have his talent recognised.

    Cao started to practice Chinese calligraphy when he was six years old.

    He said: 'I learnt with my grandfather. However, due to family poverty I could only write with a stick on the ground.'

    He explained how he started to practice writing with other body parts after a disabled friend of his died

    He said: 'More than ten years ago a friend of mine had limb amputation surgery.

    'He used to write very beautiful Chinese calligraphies and after the surgery he lost his biggest interest in life and died a few years later out of desperation.

    'I decided to invent a way for disabled people to write and to improve their confidence in life.'

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