Windows 7 Belkin wireless usb adapter


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I've got a belkin wireless usb adapter, and i need a driver for it. I've been download it from but its not working. In the network and sharing center/change adapter settings its disabled and a i cant enable it , and the network diagnostic says there might be a problem with the driver for the wireless network connection adapter. In the device manager when i try to update the driver it says its up to date, and it shows that device is working properly. And if its pluigged in there be a problem with shut down and startup.

any help would be great how to solve this
I have exactly the same problem - the device is recognised but won't enable, all the status info says it's fine, but the network diagnostics say there may be a problem, and it generally hangs on boot-up and shut-down until I unplug the device. I did get it to boot while plugged in, but it killed my mouse! I quickly learned that Windows 7 is pretty good as a keyboard-only system... As soon as I unplugged the adapter, the mouse came back to life.

All this was using the latest drivers on the Belkin site. Seems to me that an explicit Windows 7 driver is needed.
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If you work with win7 it is important to start the setup.exe from the product cd or the downloaded driver installation software in Vista compatibility mode.

Right click onto the program icon -> select properties -> check compatibility mode -> select vista from the drop down menue -> start the installation.