Best Rumor Ever for Window 7...Till day??

I posted this thread to entertain you alll so give your best ever rumor about window 7 you heard.......


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It is faulty and acts like a slut when you go to sleep.

Does that mean it will steal you money and run like H*** ??

I believe it. I have to work on W-7 all the time.
And I don't mean I run it (no way, Jose!) ....I WORK on it.
And it does need lots of work, to make it run right and be user friendly.

Cheers mates!


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I picked up Windows 7 around when it's final release came out, as i did with XP. I have noticed that with each OS, there is around a 10 year period 'Till day??' kinda wonder, why 10 years?

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