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So, do they think cryptos will crash? It’s an interesting opinion, but I don’t see any signs of that. People continue to invest in this stuff, which always grows and changes. To be honest, I don’t understand it till the end and prefer not to invest in things I don’t understand. But the fact is that people make money using cryptos.
Now I am making my first steps in the investment market. It isn’t as simple as it seems because one needs to have significant analyzing skills to be a good investor. Best professionals from understand way more about the market than we do just reading the news. That’s why I try to learn from them.


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In a way, they are right. I am not agitating anyone, but my opinion is that cryptocurrency mining is risky right now. I think it is better to use hosting services. Then you won't have to buy expensive equipment and break your head over a suitable room. Moonbitcoins provides professional free bitcoin mining services. This company has excellent reputation and most loyal prices.


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I think cryptocurrency is not eternal, especially I do not believe cryptocurrency can replace real currencies. Governments will never allow it because it will lead to the weakening of national currencies. But as long as cryptocurrency is popular, you should use it to make money. I'm mining bitcoin on; I managed to earn a good amount in a month. Next month I'm planning to diversify my assets and buy some other crypto.