Bitlocker always asks for reboot before install


I've been using Bitlocker with no problem for a long time on Windows 8.1 Enterprise. A week ago, I deactivated Bitlocker for resizing the Windows partition. After that, I activated Bitlocker again and everything continued working OK.

Now I'm performing the same operation backwards. I deactivated Bitlocker, resized the partition to the old size, and Windows boots and works OK, but I cant re-activate Bitlocker this time. Every time I try to activate Bitlocker it says that the system needs to be rebooted before activating bitlocker because of the changes performed (can't paste exact message since I'm not using an English Windows version).

No matter how many times I reboot the machine, Bitlocker installer stills asking for rebot... any ideas?

Thank you.

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Thank you Neemobeer, but my machine has no TPM. I had to change Local Computer Policy in order to install Bitlocker without TPM at the very first.


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