Blu ray issues on ACER

johnny quid

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ACER 6530G

I seem to have read a bit about this, and it seems to be a problem on certain Acer machines, with the SONY "Optiarc BC5500-S" BD-ROM and Acer Arcade Deluxe Software. "not sure of versions"
Some folk say use a certain version of Acer's software,others say flash the firmware of Sony's drive (but only if its OEM),as i don't have the version of the software mentioned and don't fancy flashing the drive..i would be very grateful if anyone else has came across this and managed to resolve the issue.

Suggestions welcome.
W7 Ult 32bit

Regards J.Quid

NEVER flash firmware unless you know exactly what you're doing. Win7 should provide the drivers for your optical drive or Windows update "optional updates" in the control panel will. Stay away from ACER junk software......Drivers and Firmware are 2 completely different things........

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