boot manager for bootable virtual hard drive not present

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by voirin, Jan 31, 2014.

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    Hi, I hope someone can help me.

    I required a second copy of win7 for testing purposes. I created a bootable virtual hard drive with win7 installed on it. However when I restart my pc, there is no boot manager present. I always have to press F11 to enter into the boot menu and then choose the drive to boot from.

    My configuration is:
    a) C: drive with win7
    b) D drive with other data on it (this is also the drive where the virtual hard drive sits on)

    What I did to configure a virtual drive was:
    1) boot from my win7 dvd
    2) went to startup recovery
    3) diskpart > create vdisk file=D:\VHD-Windows7.vhd maximum=40960
    4) diskpart > select vdisk file=D:\VHD-Windows7.vhd
    5) diskpart > attach vdisk
    6) diskpart > exit
    7) then went through the rest of the win7 install

    When i check on my normal win7 install:
    1) system > adv system settings > advanced > startup and recovery: there is only one entry (i guess the present win7 install)
    2) disk management doesnt show the any attached vhd.
    3) easybcd also shows a single entry

    my questions are:
    1) Is there any way to get a boot manager appearing?
    2) I also need to move the location of the virtual hard drive without breakign the boot process. How can I achieve this?

    Any help would really be appreciated. I am worn out with this as I have spent hours searching and trying to find out how to do the above.

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    I believe the bootable VHD only works in Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise editions. Which version do you have?

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