Bootloader and Icons.


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I got two these I want to chat about with you guys.

Right when I start my pc, the bootloader comes up where you pick which os you want to go into, since I dont use Vista anymore or Ubuntu ones that I installed with Wubi, I want to delete them, but I dont know how can someone tell me how to delete all those entries from the list and make the time like 2 sec so it boots faster and I dont have to press enter, or remove that screen entirely.

Second, I LOVE TH SUPERBAR! Its like my fav thing of all time in computers right behind another thing. But, I want to use my own Icons and have it use up the entire square in the superbar, I currently have it set to always combine hide labels. But it seems like no matter how big I make the icon file, it doesnt matter, I made the icon in photoshop and used an online converter to convert it to ico, it like centers out and doesnt take up the whole square. If anybody know how to make it like that to take up the whole square let me know.

Tl:dr I need to edit the bootloader and I want my icons to take up the whole square. Thanks so much!!!

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