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Hi guys.

I hope I post this topic at the right place. It's actually hardware related.

Thing is this:

The new AC standards promises very high data transfer rate, but taken into account and the AC qualified USB recievers only run USB 2.0 which has a bandwith at 480Mbps per second, how can I expect to recieve data higher than this?

Im considering this router:,2817,2478077,00.asp
And this USB-reciever:

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Whoa....that thing looks like it should be from some Alien's badass looking.

The connection speed (physical connection speed) has nothing to do with the speed of the wireless receiver....those are two completely separate pieces of hardware, only embedded on one device. For optimal performance I'd stick with the same brand for both pieces of hardware.


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Sorry for asking stupid, Bass - but does that mean the 480mpbs limitation has no impact on how fast my AC network would run?

As in I will be able to recieve data some 800 mbps for example?

No question is "stupid" only un-asked questions. impact on the wireless aspect of the device. The 480 mbps is the throughput speed from the USB device to the PC...most specifically the software/data it has on it....that's it. Your wifi speed is not impacted at all as it separate.

On your 2nd question....theoretically yes, only in a perfect world would you achieve those speeds but as the documentation on all WiFi devices states; " reach speeds up to".

Personal Example: I have NeatGear WNA1100 that is N format (150mbps max), I use this on my son's PC. It will reach speeds depending on how far from the wifi source, speeds any where from 65mbps to 144mbps. The faster the speed it gets specifically relates to how close I have his desk sitting to the router.


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Okay, thanks Bass. I appreciate it. On the other hand, the reviews of this particular router, the reviewer measures speeds somewhat higher than 480Mpbs. I guess I'll have to put it to the test.

Thanks again!

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