BSOD can you help me identify the problem please


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After one year of using Win 7, before 3 days I got first BSOD ever. I was kinda in panic after that occured 3 times in a row, so I formatted disk and installed Win 7 again. It was workin fine for 2 days, but again it crashed. Can anyone help me to identify the problem that is causing it please. Minidump file is attached.

Ty in advance.
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Uninstall Zone Alarm and it will be fine.

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Well I'm using Zone alarm Extreme Security for 6 months now. So I guess it must be smt with last update or what? or is it some virus causing it to make zonealarm crach computer. I was going through lot op threads before I posted, and I've seen that lot of thoose issues is caused by firewall/antivirus software. So if that's really zone alarm, can u advise me some Antivirus software that won't cause this. I don't mind paing it, so I'm looking for guess ultimate possible protection. Ty in advance.

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Absolutely 100% ZA is the cause. You've had a 0x7f stop error. That's for sure caused by ZA and I knew you had it before I even saw your drivers. Actually, I didn't even look at your drivers.

I did lmvm vsdatant command and it showed up.

Use the Windows Firewall, built-in. I will not recommend anything else. That's up for you to choose or decide.

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well ty for quick reply. I will remove ZA asap. Hope that helps.
Tyvm :)

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