Windows 10 BSOD: DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION and DRIVER_POWERSTATE_FAILURE (mini dump and diognostic attached)


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Hello seeking some help with my windows 10. Has crashed lots of times with theses two errors. the drivers seem to be uptodate on device manager.


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A more comprehensive use of the diagnostic tool. zip of crash attached.


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PRIMARY_PROBLEM_CLASS:  0x9F_3_nvlddmkm!unknown_function
both dump files blamed the nvidia gpu driver.

If you recently updated the driver try rolling back to the previous version.

I see your using a notebook p95xer of which there seems no support page?

Do not be tempted to use a utility to find the drivers for you as these often cause more issues then cure.
Great thankyou. The laptop is very recent and have had this problem since first installing nivida driver. perhaps i look for an old version. Thanks again. I will post any updates hear.
Hey, great thank-you. I have been trying to install old drivers for some hours now, Geforce 1060, but it keeps saying i must use the geforce experiance, which frankly is not that good. spoon fed gui focused on gaming with out the ability to roll things back. I mannaged to get it to defualt to 418.81 and crash the PC. seems to be occouring with a specific software, Autodesk 3dsmax, and then any thing heavy (cpu load) in auxillary software to 3dsmax, vray causes it to crash also. Any way i have attached recent files of crash. Many thanks for all the help. Not sure what to do now :( would be really nice to solve the issue. Will update back to 419.17 through Geforce "experiance" not expecting much though...


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sorry to hear your issues continue.

All the dumps once again pointed at nvidia.

Try using the DDU or Display driver uninstaller.

You have to boot into safe mode to use it and it basically cleans the system of all related files. This can help especially if corruption has set in.

Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) V18.0.0.9 Released. - Wagnardsoft Forum

If after trying the above you find your still blue screening then you may well have a faulty device.

Check the device manager and see if any error codes are under gpu.

Also you could try stress testing the gpu using furmark.

FurMark > Home

If the machine blue screens during the test then this is either due to overheating or a faulty gpu.

You may want to consider contacting the vendor re the warranty?
Great. Thankyou. I will try the boot into safe mode and the hard driver uninstall. I did benchmark the device once i recived it and it performed very poorly on battery power when compared with same hardware from other users. That being said it has performed above avarage when connected to the power. I will schedule to conduct more comprehensive GPU stress, before the hard uninstall of the drivers. Seems to be a local fault to the software will do my best to solve the issue before accepting a work around. Thanks once again for your help
I may have a fix for you, grab CHEF-KOCH/MSI-utility get version2 unpack and run the exe with admin privs.

It will open


Find the entry for your GPU and tick the msi column and hit apply. Then reboot the machine and see how it goes.
Thanks. I opend the MSI but it was allready ticked. there was a PCI.sys error in my limited knowledge i see a bunch of PCI express ports, might this be worth a shot? cheers.

Ok so some interesting developments. kemical, i followed your procedure and did a safe mode hard uninstall of the GPU driver(s). What was and is interesting, is that i managed to install one of the older versions of the driver still sitting in my downloads folder. Before hand theses driver install files where saying incompatible / use the geforce experience. Well now that this older version driver is installed i ran a couple of tests with the problem software, and it seems to be stable. So a tentative solution until further testing but that install being permitted to me is a big indicator that something was wrong, and has now been solved. Any way i will post an update in a couple of weeks if i have had no similar issues regarding BSOD and this operation.

One last technical question kemical, is it best that i post the whole folder from the crash extractor app, or would just the mini dump file suffice in the event of a future post on this thread.

And lastly. Big thanks to you both for taking the time to engage with this problem and all of your expertise. I really appreciate it. Thanks.
Excellent to hear!

The DDU is a great app and I hope your issue has been truly rectified.

Re the dump file app, it's always best to post all the info it provides as we do use it.

Best of luck with the driver.