Windows 7 C++ 2005 Error


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I didn't know whether to put this in software or install but here it goes. I just cant seem to install C++ into windows 7 and since it is kind of important I can install any games either. I have an admin account and have tried running it as admin but I always get an "Error 1310" because it tells me to verify that I have access to that directory. Sorry if this is a simple solution but I am new to messing about with windows stuff and just mostly stick to hardware so I don't know much about this.

Thanks In Advance
Hey Budd Right-click that exe & open properties ...

2nd Tab Should be Compat Mode Check the BOX & In the drop-down Menu Select Vista,Then click APPLY...,Then Click OK..

then Right-click & click on Run as Administrator then you Should be GOOD to Go...

Enjoy !!
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i had this problem. this was caused by a drive emulation software i had. make sure u dont have any or you might need to re install windows 7