Windows 7 C9 Lectures: Greg Meredith - Monadic Design Patterns for the Web - Introduction to Monads

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    Greg Meredith, a mathematician and computer scientist, has graciously agreed to do a C9 lecture series covering monadic design principles applied to web development. You've met Greg before in a Whiteboard jam session with Brian Beckman. The fundamental concept is here is the monad.

    Greg has a very novel and conceptually simplified explanation of what a monad is and why is really matters. This is very important sand a required first step in this series since this will be all about the application of monadic composition to the production of a real web application. What does this mean? Why does it matter? Tune in. Let's see if Greg's monadic analogies prove helpful for everyday developers to get their heads around the elusive and beautifully complex monad.

    Enjoy. Learn.



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