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Windows 7 Camera And Mice


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May 29, 2009
I don't tend to think of it as computer hardware, but in essence it is, because about the only way that I ever use it is in conjunction with the computer. I'm in the process of applying for an RMA for a couple of Logitech Optical Wheel Trackball mice, but one thing that they asked for that I see no need for is a picture of the mice. It seems obvious that it would be futile to apply for an RMA for a mouse that you didn't have.

However, I dug out the camera that I rarely use and charged the batteries to comply with the requirement, but while the camera turns on, the lens moves out into place, and the viewing screen lights with the little LED (which I assume is intended to indicate it's status) is flashing green for a moment, it then starts flashing red and the viewing screen goes black, and none the buttons on the camera do anything, except the one that lights the screen again for making settings and viewing photos already taken.

I'm almost certain that the camera has chosen an inopportune moment to die, and I doubt that anyone can say anything that would change that, but I must ask anyway. If it matters, it is a Norcent DCC-725. I bought the camera because I thought it inexpensive, but considering how few times I have used it, it is actually quite expensive.

I'm not going to buy a replacement just for Logitech's sake, so if they won't give me the RMA without the photo, I guess that I will just discard the mice and look for new replacements. That is a subject in itself, because nearly all of the mice that I have owned were Logitech, and none them have lasted as long as they should have. In fact I have another Trackball (Logitech M570) which is also failing which I already RMAed once just a few months ago. Both the original and the RMA have failed in exactly the same fashion. The left buttons became erratic, making them nearly non-functional.

When it works, the M570 does exactly what I expect of it, but with a life expectancy of only a few months, I will look for an alternative. Does anyone know of a cordless trackball mouse that can stand up for the long haul?
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