Windows 7 Can you make taskbar tooltips display quicker?


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One thing that annoys me in windows 7 is the new dock style taskbar because the only way of really knowing what an icon is, is to hover over the icon and wait for the tooltip to appear.

In OSX the same problem exists however the name of the app appears straight away when you hover over the icon.

In Vista, when you hover over an icon in your quick launch taskbar, the tooltip appears within a second, but in Windows 7 when you hover over an icon in the task bar, the tooltip takes about 3 seconds to appear!

3 seconds is way too long, is there anyway of tweaking it so the tooltip appears when you hover over it?
You can try this, but it does not make a significant difference.
Open regedit
Go the HKCU - Control Panel - Mouse

Change the "MouseHover time" to 10
I would be interested in your feedback. The option was given on the Technet forums, but I did not get much of an increase.
Thanks for the information, I'll give it a try later but I'm not holding out much hope.

Why cant it work the way it does on Quick Launch, it's so much snappier and easier to use! Bad Microsoft!