Can't access external hard disk via eSATA in W7

Hello all,

I have a Verbatim
2TB 2-disk RAID external hard disk, which can connect via USB or eSATA. In Windows 7 I can connect using USB but am unable to get an eSATA conection, which is a pain because of the transfer speed. I asked Verbatim support whether a new driver would be offered for Windows 7 - got a standard, and very unhelpful stock reply to say that W7 is 'not currently supported'.

Has anyone else come across this problem? And, more to the point, found a solution?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


Did your drive come with a driver disk? You can try to manually use the Vista drivers.

if the disks in the external case are SATA then they should be direct pass through only the USB is routed through a controller in the external case can you tell us what mother board your using too please

Very odd, but it's now working. I had a system software update from Microsoft but I checked the list and there was no mention of any Verbatim drivers. Anyway, problem seems to be solved. Thanks for your help.

an issue with hot swapping? win7 doesnt support esata hot swapping so you drive has to be on before the computer is turned on.

this little ap fixed the problem for me:


You can manualy detct new disk drive in config pannel. It works for me.

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