Can't delete files or change ownership

I just installed Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit on two machines, and then Firefox 16.0.1 on each. Trying to replace the password files in my new profile, I found that many of these folders and files (in User\me\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla) cannot be deleted, nor can their ownership be changed. They belong to me already, and I'm an administrator with Full Control.

I've tried 72 tricks, including Emco UnLockIt 3.0.3, Unlocker 1.9.1, Take Ownership registry keys, takeown (from the command line), etc. Nothing works. I can't move them, delete them or anything. Nor can Mozbackup create a backup profile (it can't write the backup).

Why does Firefox create these weird locked files and folders? Why doesn't Windows 7 allow me to take control of them?

I'd greatly appreciate any help.


You would need to delete them before Windows logs in or in safe mode. There are way to do this but why don't you just copy your profile the correct way?
Back up and restore information in Firefox profiles | Firefox Help
I have found that I CAN change ownership and delete these files in Safe Mode!! The reason I can't copy the profile in the "usual way" is because the folders and files don't behave like regular folders and files. They resist my every attempt to copy, move change, delete, etc. VERY frustrating!

But I'm pleased to learn that, in Safe Mode at least, I can manipulate them.

Any idea why these files are weird?

Many thanks for your thoughtful suggestions,


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