Windows 7 cant edit MP3 data (permissions issue....?)


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win7 beta (64 bit) (Itunes

everything works just fine except that i cant seem (through itunes or any application) to edit the meta data of the audio files. I assume this is an access/permissions issue of some sort.

my hardware config worked just fine under XP. i have a hard drive with just my MP3 files on it and i have the itunes library set to those folders (and it plays perfectly using my old playlists etc).

When i try to edit the ID3 info using the "get info" function all my fields are grey and inaccessable. if i try to edit them directly through the windows "edit song information" right click option ... i am unable to save any changes made to the ID3 info. this makes me think its not simply an Itunes issue but something related to permissions...

help help help

Did you dowload the fix for the mp3 problems in windows 7? If not try downloading it at this link

yup. i got that patched a while back. I think it was a fix for media player which was corrupting MP3s by buggering up the ID3 data. (or something like that)

I dont have any problems with tracks that are on my "c" drive so Im guessing its an access issue. my applications can READ files on other drives but they dont have permission to change or delete them.
I had the same problem.

I assume you have an administrator account, but do you have a password on your account.

After i have created a password for my account, i have been able to edit the metadata on my mp3 files.

I hope this can help you.
try giving the mp3 files write-permission for normal users (not administrators)

thanks (to all of you). I think i may have it working although im uncertain why it was problematic.
I had previously assigned permissions to the entire drive. In my desperation to get this working i gave anyone and everyone blank check permission to do whatever they wanted to everything on the drive. I just tried changing the permissions for the music folder on the drive and that seemed to work. Why i cant do it to the drive itself, im still not sure. either way, Itunes can now edit/manage those files.

thanks all