Windows 7 Cant find a NTFS Partition, please help!


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Mar 4, 2009
Hi, im using a laptop that first had windows vista installed when i bought it. Then after a while i installed Linux Ubuntu and the only partition then that was changed to ext3 was the "C:" partition. The other where still NTFS and i had to boot them in linux to use them, then i changed from linux to windows xp and the partitions worked fine. Now when i'v installed Windows 7 i cant see them any longer. When i installed windows 7 i saw them when i choosed the partition to install windows on and they where NTFS.. and when i finished the install i checked my computer and all i could see was the "C:" partition and the DVD Player. So i installed EASEUS Partition Master 3.0.2 and i could clearly see the drivers i used to have is NTFS format the only thing that i dont understand is that the partitions i got doesent have a drive letter and i cant change anything.. every partition is named "*:" ...

I'v attached a pic of the program that shows my partitions.

Please if anyone knows how to solve this problem i would be very happy if you'd share your knowladge.

(sorry for my english :)

right click my computer and select manage then bottom left option is disk management , click the drives there and assign a drive letter , then they should show up in windows :cool:
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