Windows 7 Can't Find Wireless Networks


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Jun 13, 2009
I am unable to find wireless networks. The latest drivers have been updated by uninstalling the original ones and reinstalling them by restarting the computer. Ethernet works o.k. Troubleshooting says that my wireless is not turned on. How do I do this? It says wireless is enabled under network connections. Other laptops recognize 20-30 wireless networks, including my own. Can someone help me?


Windows 7 32-bit (originally vista premium)
lenovo y450 laptop
t4200 processor
Intel wifi 5100 agn
Fresh Install (fortmatted drives while loading software from DVD)
Do you have a hardware switch (a physical button on your PC) that needs to be pressed to enable the WLAN? That does sometimes mess things up.

Also, the latest drivers are here -> Link Removed due to 404 Error

The managing software for your WLAN card is here -> Link Removed due to 404 Error

Try removing EVERYTHING WLAN related, then reboot, and install the two above packages. Reboot and check the WLAN again..

Listed drivers are for Vista 32 bit.

Uninstalled and reinstalled drivers again, nothing

I hae 5 error codes (4 base device, 1 unknown device) - manual detection of drivers = fail

Manul WLAN switch on front of laptop switched on (couldn't see this last night), but nothing happens. Hit FN +F5, nothing happens. Does the antenna have a seperate driver? I'm thinking that my wireless card might be working, but I can't enable the antenna. Any thoughts?

Troubleshooting still says wireless isn't on.

The link to both the (manual?) and the drivers are the same, is that right?

Thanks for your help.
The links are different. It is not a manual, it is software to MANAGE the wireless network card ;) Try installing that..
Try downloading WirelessNetView v1.20 to detect any network.

Actually you should have posted under the Networking category as there are links to threads at the bottom of the page that may be of great help as this seems to come up often.

A great deal of help can be obtained by simply going to Start > Help and Support and type in wireless.
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I'm going back to Vista, I'm just having too many problems with drivers (i.e. wireless-antenna poss.?, mousepad, 5 unidentified devices)...I'll be back.
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