Can't install windows at all

I'm having trouble I replaced my motherboard installed windows vista basic everything worked fine until I attempted to install windows 7 home 32 from a usb. It installed more than once and would only boot from the recovery partion and it worked fine then I tried to reinstall it to the c partion etc and nowy hard drive is empty and I can't even install the vista again. I hAve no idea what to do

I'm currently at the point where I start the vista install gets to the update install stops and says "can't install registry data in the installation "

Are you performing/selecting a custom install or the upgrade install option? If you have a legal copy of windows and if you have a legal product key, then I suggest to change the boot order to boot from removable device in the BIOS and then select custom install when you reach that screen. In there it will allow you to select what drive to install it on...and to format that selected drive and perform a clean install.

I have done that and when it gets to installing updates it stops says no registry data able to update in installation

So I took my net books hard drive out which is running windows 7 put it in my laptop and runs just like my net book so what can I do to make my original hard drive work

Can you post a screen shot of your disk management window?

The window where u select where to install windows?

Windows vista cd finally finish restarted and got to a screen saying one of disk needs to be checked

After the disk check it restarts then gets stuck on Microsoft corp loading screen


After the windows preparing to start for the first time it goes to a black screen then I restart it and it says failed to start hose safe mode etc

The computer keeps restarting itself

Now get this


Anybody got any idea I've been working on this for 3 days :(

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