Windows 7 Can't run far cry 2 very well, GTA4 no go for me too


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I can install far cry 2 but when I change diplay settings, it all goes wrong. When I start FC2 again I just get a blank windowed screen, the sound and nothing else:frown:. I cant patch it or unistall it either, keep getting a message saying please close FC2 before continuing.

As for GTA4, even after changing compatability settings (2000, XP SP2 and Vista), I canot install it, all I get is 'Operating System incompatible with %P' message. Anyone now a work around for this? Rockstar social club installed fine though:confused:.

My system:
Windows 7 beta 1 7000 64bit
Asus P5n32-E SLI PLUS
BFG 8800 GTS 512 (G92)

I did manage to install GTA 4 after all. I had to copy disk 1 to a folder on the desktop, change all the setup .exe's and autorun files to xp SP2 compatibility mode and run as administrator. Once installed you need to do the same for all the exe's in program files/rockstar games.
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