Cant write properties to certain music files.

I am Having the same error message. The script installed for me, however I still can't change and of the tag info on some my mp3s. It is just in one folder and some of the files are fine but the ones that had a long album names got truncated. I used the tag editor suggested and changed the files there and sved them. Looked back under explorer and the info was missing all I have is the title. Mp3s still play. Some of the files can be changed, the ones that already show the tag info.

I noticed when I go to properties/security of one of the corrupt file entry it says full control for me/user, System and Adminstrators. Under the name WMPNetworkSvc it shows only read. Could that be my problem? If so how do I change it.

Hi...I having the same problem. I can enter the tags and all I have is the title of the mp3 showing. Something makes me think it has to do with the tag editor I used and maybe not though. I'm using Win7 Home premium. It seems like there is something in the registry blocking modification. I hate to lose all the mp3s that want let me edit.

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I have checked full control of the files under my user name.

Meant to say can not enter the tags...

Hi all,

I am having same issue with Win7 64bit to edit MP3 tags. Maybe there is something off topic, but I also tried to use foobar2000 to edit tag. The funny thing is that for some of the MP3 files if I keep ID3V1 and remove ID3V2, then music information is not displayed in Windows Explorer; while for some other MP3 files I did the same thing and I can see music information in Windows Explorer.

Does it mean the MP3 file has different versions or it is a bug from Win7 64bit?


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