Windows 8.1 Carpets (ignore Prefix)

Discussion in 'General Computing' started by Drew, Jan 16, 2014.

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    It has occurred to me that maybe I should mention this...
    Electronics and specifically, PCs do not like static electricity. W/out explaining the science or physics of it here is my point... Often I have gone to clients' homes or offices and discover PCs sitting on carpets. Remember, if you rub a balloon on a carpet it will then stick to a wall? That's static electricity @ work. DO NOT sit PCs directly on carpets. IF, the machine is going to be placed on a carpeted floor put something under it to isolate it from the carpet; a wooden board, newspaper, cardboard, you get the idea.

    And another thing, while I'm @ it... do not remove or replace PC case covers, side panels and such whilst a PC is running. Always do this ONLY after & while the machine is unpowered or shut off.


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    I understand most of what you said, except in regards to removing/replacing side panels. I assume that is to prevent a static discharge, which I know is important with the internal components themselves, but a static discharge with a panel doesn't seem any more risky than touching the outside of the case itself, which we all do regularly. Am I missing something?

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