Check if an external hard disk case support SATA III or only II ?


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Assume I have a hard disk which supports SATA III (=verified).

I want to put this hard disk into an external hard disk case and connect it by USB v3.0 to my computer.
Later I want to use case and hard disk as backup storage.

Now I doubt that the case supports really SATA III. My guess is that it supports only SATA II.

Ok, I assume the hard disk itself is working with SATA II, too.
But I want to use the full speed und feature set of SATA III.

So how can I check the supported SATA versions of the case from Win 7?


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You'll need to look up the make/model of the HDD and the HDD encloser/case and check the specifications for each.


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Yeah, you need to find the make and model number of the enclosure then look up its specs. But note you said "only SATA II". Understand the interface is compatible both ways so you can still put a SATA III drive in a SATA II enclosure and use the drive. You will just not get full performance potential out of the drive.

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