Windows 7 Checking In: Jeff Wilcox - Writing the WP7 App Platform in C# and C++


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Jeff Wilcox is a developer on the Silverlight team. He spends a lot of his time (~80%) coding in C++. Strange? Of course not... Silverlight is a portable managed runtime and C++ (C with classes in this case) is what enables Silverlight portability. Of course, Jeff also spends a significant amount of his time writing the managed parts of Silverlight (controls, libraries, etc.). He is an expert in both the managed and native programming models and he's responsible for some of the really powerful and widely used Silverlight controls that you employ when you're programming WP7 devices or Silverlight apps for Windows or OSX. Jeff is a code-cranking machine and a very talented software engineer. Code on, Jeff!

What will Erik ask Jeff? What rabbit holes will we jump into?

This way, Alice. No, that way.

Keep cranking out great code, Jeff...and checking it in!

Tune in. Enjoy.


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