Windows 7 China urged to help in Senate counterfeit probe


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The U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee urged China to allow investigators to travel to the Chinese mainland to probe reports that Chinese-made counterfeit parts are making their way into U.S. weapons systems, and other electronics, Reuters reported June 14.

I have always tried to stay away from Chinese made items, basically due to their inferior quality.

With this story, we get more junk. This is yet another reason for our failing economy.

I took the center cap off my mags on my car and inside it stated Made in China, packaged in the U.S.A.

The name of the company......................American Racing.:mad:

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Joe S

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Amazing how deceptive foreign made goods are when trying to buy American. I don't know if they ever changed rules on this. In the past a whole piece of machinery could be elsewhere and labeled made in USA as long as additional work was done here. Like drilling and tapping one hole! The Union Made claim is pretty much the same farce.


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Yes, you're right.

Like the case of the mag wheels, it probably only amounts to an employee placing the cap, nuts, and mag itself in the box.

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