choppy video with dual screen

i've switched to windows 7 last week from windows xp, i have dual monitors, i used to be able to watch a video on 1 monitor and play a game on the other with no problems on xp, now with windows 7 with the same settings,(except i have 4gigs of ram with windows 7 instead of 3 woth xp), ill play a game on 1 screen but the video will be very choppy on the other, anyway to fix that?
thank you


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As you may expect, we need system specs to take a look at the problem. You need to ensure you have the latest drivers for your card, as well.

Are both monitors the same make and model? A couple things come to mind as I too use a dual monitor setup. First check your native resolutions on both monitors and make sure they are set to that setting. Second check your refresh rate on both monitors and play with those settings. Right click any where on an open area of the desktop, select screen resolution, check here for your native/recommended res settings. Click advance settings, click monitor tab, then screen refresh is where you change those settings.

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