Classic Shell 4_4_109.exe For Win 10 IP (17704 & previous version) Released on GitHub


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Hi Guys

Yes. The signature issue is being addressed. The howto guide/FAQ is being worked on as well. The primary goal was to get this up and running STAT and then worry about the non-essential (so to speak) issues. At present, only a few files were modified so you can read the howto that is currently at the old '' page.

@Clintlgm - For those who are experiencing bugs or want to offer new suggestions, etc., simply click the link below. This is the simple bug/feature requests/Q&A page on GitHub. The other forum is usually for developers as it tends to get kind of 'techie' with code talk, however, feel free to post in there as well.

As far as re-opening the original site; the answer is no. It will be up for another 6 months or so and then go bye bye. The development, support, etc. will be on GitHub. Right now there are a few different GitHub pages and you can expect those to be consolidated into one location in the future.

NOTE: This is an open source project and anyone that knows how to code can make any changes to the app if they wish. No permission is needed, however, if you do modify, add or remove anything to it and re-distribute it you must give credit by means of a text file or by having it coded into the app itself so clearly shows the original developer(s) and any other developer(s) since then. If you are changing something for yourself only and not re-distributing it then you do not have to do anything. Also; if you do change anything and re-distribute it, please post what your doing in the forum below so others know as well. It's just to keep track on the different versions that might be circulating out there.

I am not taking credit for this project or release. It's my friend 'coddec' that started this and he is the one to be thanked (I already did of I just help a tad

Direct Link To Issues/Bugs/Q-A Page: Issues · passionate-coder/Classic-Start · GitHub

NOTE: This is a developmental version and works, however, does not include a 'signature' yet and will most likely trigger your A/V program if you have one installed. The link above will take you to the download page and from there you can go the the 'issues' page to report any issues.

Tim Dickerson
GitHub: n9nu or Reactor-Critical™


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I actually left the Windows Insider Program because the latest version I tried broke Classic Shell. Actually it broke my O/S when I tried to roll back to the previous version. I had a hard time getting Windows reinstalled afterwards. I had to learn how to get it to install to my SSD.

Thank you for keeping this going. I might or might not go back to the program. I love the dark File Explorer. But when I explained my reason for leaving I was a little ugly about it. Maybe I'll just wait til the new build is released in the Fall. With what you guys are doing I'll be able to keep using Classic Shell after it is released. I wish I was a developer and I could help out. But I'm no real geek. Just a wannabe. The 66 year old mind doesn't learn as easily as it used to.

Besides I've returned to being an active musician. That takes a lot of time and effort. But there has never been anything else in my life that was as much fun.
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this is a reply from the following message-board:
@pnamajck, " What Start Menu are you using here? "
stuey … i been using classic-shell since i bought this laptop in 2013 (oem win-8.0) … tried all of three hours to accept microsoft's metro tiling system … in the end, i searched and found classic-shell.

'fraid i don't use the software to its full potential … last time i updated the package (version 4.3.0). start-menu-style-tab is set on "classic with two columns"skin-tab set on "full glass". if ever you followed the classic-shell forum … they've got some really wicked mods 'n artistry going on … s'like a religion. lol

anyway, stuey … i adjusted only a few things to give me a nostalgic feeling (win-xp) … not too much, in case microsoft ended up breaking it. which, i have been lucky … think there had been only one slight issue when win-10 first major update arrived.

so … am uploading screen-caps for three of the tabs … if you require more, gimme' a holler … and i will append this post.

classic_shell (4.3.0) start_menu_style_tab.png classic_shell (4.3.0) skin_tab.png classic_shell (4.3.0) menu_look_tab.png
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Thanks man. I've actually been a die hard Classic Shell user since they removed the native Classic Start Menu from Windows 7. There was a very active Thread with a lot of discussion about us Classic fans wanting it back. There was a poll which we lost. The fans of the Windows 7 Start mostly didn't like the plain looks of the Classic Start. They were Ok with all the scrolling and clicking that the All Programs menu required.

It really bothers me a lot to have all of my programs and apps stay inside that little box in the corner of the screen and I have to scroll and click to use it. You scroll to find sub-menus. Click them to expand them. Possibly scroll and click some more til you finally find it. Granted the Tiles are pretty easy to set up and find frequently used stuff. But to set up tiles for all the programs and apps I've got would be crazy.

With Classic you click the Start Button and mouse over Programs or Apps. Everything pops into view at once. You mouse over a sub-menu and that opens up. Then you click what you want and it opens. One click, a little moving your mouse, another click and you're there.

Thank God for @n9nu and his friends for keeping it going. The original developer got tired of trying to keep up with all the new Windows 10 versions that are coming out now. If they want to make some money off it I'd gladly pay to use it. It's just too good to lose.


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I have sticked this thread due to its relevance as many people may actually still be interesting in going back to the classic start menu. Thanks @n9nu !


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Does anyone know how I can change the top border of the window, let the maximize, minimize, and close buttons equal to WINDOWS7?


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Hi Guys

I am posting another link that will take you to the 'nightly' repository. Here you will find the absolute latest builds. You can download by right clicking on the link and 'save as' or left click as you would any .exe file.

Download Open Shell 4.4.131:

I will edit my original post to reflect the new release. If what your using is stable, you can keep it as is.


Tim Dickerson