ClickLock enables automatically during Win7 restart


I have a problem with ClickLock on Windows 7 x64 with Lenovo G580. This problem occurs in my sister's computer to which I don't have physical access but in case of need I may establish TeamViewer session with her.

She dislikes the feature of ClickLock really much so I have disabled it by Control Panel -> Mouse -> [ ] Enable ClickLock. However, she claims that every time she restarts the computer, she has to disable it again by entering control panel, what is somehow irritating.

For me this is really unexpected because I expect that settings are saved after clicking OK. So either she does something incorrectly (but what could be done incorrectly in such a simple configuration task?) or there is something that restarts the settings at launching the computer.

Could you advise me, please, what may be the reason of ClickLock setting being turned on automatically during restart of the computer?

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Hi Johny:
I've seen this sort of problem before in various laptops. Try disabling the TouchPad feature in the BIOS. Then it should stick.

If it doesn't go to the Lenovo Website and download the latest Driver for the ClickLock--I'm assuming it's part of the TouchPad for the laptop; driver will be ALPS or Synaptics most likely. Enure that when you uninstall the old driver or install the new driver in place of the old one that all Anti-Virusl, Anti-Spyware, and Firewall software on your Sister's laptop is disabled, otherwise the driver won't get installed correctly.


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