Windows 7 Cloud Cover Episode 33 - Portal Enhancements and Remote Desktop

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    Join Ryan and Steve each week as they cover the Microsoft cloud. You can follow and interact with the show at @cloudcovershow

    In this episode, Steve and Ryan:

    • Walk through a number of the features and enhancements on the portal
    • Discuss in depth how the Remote Desktop functionality works in Windows Azure
    • Show you how to get Remote Desktop access without using the portal
    • Explain the scenarios in which Remote Desktop excels
    Show Links:

    Windows Azure Platform Training Course
    Significant Updates to the BidNow Sample (via Wade)
    Using the SAML CredentialType to Authenticate to the Service Bus
    Using Windows Azure MMC and Cmdlets with Windows Azure SDK 1.3
    Changes in Windows Azure Storage Client Library – Windows Azure SDK 1.3
    How to get most out of Windows Azure Tables



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