Windows 7 Command Prompt Problem


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May 3, 2009
I am having a problem where command prompt will not open. I get the error: "The application failed to initialize properly." This is a huge problem and any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
Is there an error code that comes right after that statement? Please post it if there is, that will help us find a solution for you.. ;) I have a pretty good idea what it is but I want to make sure first before I write out a solution that doesn't even apply to your particular case.. :)
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Thank you. That's what I thought.. and that's a nasty one to have.. ;) Usually requires a reinstall to get rid of it.. but we'll try to find another solution besides reinstalling first.. ;) This error usually means there's malware or possibly a virus/trojan somewhere in your OS...

If you got your copy of the RC from an untrusted source (I'm not naming any, you know what I mean) than you may have gotten the one with a trojan/malware in it.. There was a corrupt ISO floating around....

Do you have any AV and Spyware/Adware removal apps installed? If so, then I'd start by running full scans with those and see if anything turns up.. If nothing turns up then we're going to have to dig a little deeper..

Is the error only coming up when you try to open the Command Prompt or with other apps as well?...
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I've run 2 spyware removal programs and my antivirus program and nothing has come up. This error also appears very rarely, randomly, with "expand.exe". I'll have the computer just sitting on and the monitor off and come back in a couple hours or so and it will just have the same error sitting on screen but with expand.exe.

Edit: And no, this is the beta 7000 build of Windows 7. I haven't downloaded any leaked RC build.
Hmmm... well ok since your still using the Beta that makes things a little easier.. ;) The RC will be officially released on May 5th.. You'll be able to download it at Microsoft's Windows 7 website.. What I'd suggest since May 5th is only 2 days away is just to wait and download the RC then clean install it.. Problem solved.. well sorta solved.. I just think that would be easier than potentially spending hours trying to fix this type of error.. :)

If you'd prefer to fix the error than just let me know and I'll try to help you through it.. :)
How long have you had it installed?

Did you make any major changes to trhe system or installed any new software?

You really use expand.exe? Haven't used that in years.:)
Ok thanks. I'll just wait until the RC comes out. I was planning on doing that anyway, figured that or reinstalling the Beta would fix it. Have started looking into external hard drives to back up my stuff for a reinstall since I'll have to eventually when 7 expires. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.

I have had 7 installed since it was first released to the public. I have not made any major changes. I don't use expand.exe either, an error with it just appears randomly every so often.
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No problem... and yes, external drives are a great option for backups.. just make sure you don't accidentally drop them onto a cement floor.. they tend to not like that very much.. hahaha ;)

@ Reghakr:

That is a sweet picture my friend!! :)
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Yep, Radenight gave you the best advice.

I didn't even realize it was coming so soon.

I wonder if this is going to be another mad fiasco with 25 million people going trying to download it.:eek:

I sure hope they're prepared this time
I bet it will be exactly the same.. 25 million staying up all night and then BAM! Servers go down.. ;) The only good thing is this time they actually stated it will be available for a couple months instead of just the first 2.5 million people.. :) I already got both my copies so no waiting up all night for me.. ;)
Thanks for posting back Radenight,

I actually stayed up for 2 days the last time.

I'm super glad it will be available for a longer time period.

Well, this will be about my 6th or 7th total reformat and install:rolleyes:
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