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My computer randomly crashses while I play games, not all games though, so far I know that it occurs in Smite and Marvel Heroes 2016. I do not know what causes it, and I look in event viewer but never find anything that looks like it would cause a crash. I do not think that it is graphics related since in both games I have tried to put all settings on the lowest and still got crashes.

There's the file with that stuff.



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Looks like its NETIO.sys crashing. This is probably due to the older network driver. I don't see a new driver for your particular computer on Asus' site, so you may want to download it from Intel's site. Webpacks Available for Intel® Gigabit Ethernet Adapters

It said "No drivers were detected for your product."

Also, when my computer crashes, it will typically either show,a colored screen, lile the one below, except it can be other colors, one I see some-what frequently is light blue, or it will just go black and restart.

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