Configuring preferred DVD decoder/codec under Windows Vista (WMP/WMC)

Hey guys

Thanks to a member of doom9 (ranpha), I am now able to use Microsoft’s superb MPEG-2 decoder with CyberLink’s audio decoder using MPC-HC (x86).

Combining PowerDVD 7's Audio Decoder and Microsot's MPEG-2 Video Decoder - Doom9's Forum

Now that I have a ground to stand on, I am free to explore better alternatives. By that I meant using WMP11 instead of MPC-HC.

Under WinXP, we had the option of choosing which codes we preferred for decoding DVDs using WMP.;displaylang=en

In Vista, there isn't seems to be any option, at least not to my knowledge anyway.

So is there a way of manually selecting the preferred decoder by any means necessary?

I would prefer Microsoft’s video decoder as the primary MPEG-2 decoder, and Cyberlink’s audio decoder as the primary DD and DTS decoder.

Thanks for reading ^-^

I tried it before and it didn't work:(

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