Connecting to a Mac

Hi Guys,

I wonder if anyone here networks with a PC!

I have upgraded my early 2011 17" MacBook Pro to Elcapitan and my custom PC to Windows 10. Prior to this the OSX was Yosemite and Windows 8.1. I could connect to the Mac from Windows no problem. Since upgrading both I can't connect to the Mac. I have tried to connect to El Capitan from another Windows 8.1 since to no avail. I have also reverted the OSX to Yosemite and still can't connect to the Mac from Windows PC.

I have followed the Network and sharing setup for the Mac to the letter from Apples website. I have checked forums and had Apple support check the setup remotely and it is fine.

Has anyone else had this issue and can help because I have run out of ideas now?

Thanks in advance.



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Network credentials are the username and password combination and in your screen dump I see a username with a space character in it.
Is that allowed on a Mac?

I have tried various combinations. My name with capitals on the beginning of each name with no gap. Lower case joined too but it will not accept them.


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But you have to enter the username and password that you use to login onto the mac.
I don't know the Mac, maybe you don't use a password to logon.
But you must have an account (and thus having a username) to be able to work on a computer.
And that is the one you are asked for.

I am using the Mac username and password. Macs will noit allow you to connect unless you provide a password.


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I am out of options sorry..


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