Windows 8.1 CoolerMaster Cosmos II Full Tower Case Inquiries

Hi everyone, I have a few questions concerning the above listed case that we are using for our build. It is the CoolerMaster Cosmos II Full Tower

First of all...
Cable management (scoffs). Cable management for this particular case is very difficult because there are so many cables integrated directly into the case which are not removable. Can anyone provide me with some building or cable management tips or tricks to get the interior of this beast looking like a clean machine? Our management so far has left us with few options and a very messy interior.

2) Case fans:
On our count we counted the availability for exactly 7 case fans when this should hold at least 10. Can anyone provide me with a known list of case fan placement?

3) Recommended accessories? :
So, right now, we are using a Gigabyte 990F XA-UD7 mobo with a CoolerMaster V1000 PSU, an AMD FX 8-core black edition CPU, an Asus GeForce GTX 780 GPU, but the places where we still have holes are at the heat sink, RAM, case fans, and lighting. Specifically, can youi confirm or deny what we should use performance wise for a heat sink? Right now we are debating whether to go with an H100i Liquid Cooler or a Thermaltake NiC C5 heat sink.

4) L-Connectors
Need I say more? The P1 power connection and the USB 3.0 headers are sitting very constricted connected to the mobo right now. An L-connection to both of these or a softer cable connection would do us just find. Has anyone seen or is using these? If so, where can we get something like this? We have looked all over and have not been able to find a solution yet.

5) Custom case modification
If you have seen the stock version of this case then you know that there is no window. Can anyone recommend either where to get a windowed side panel for this case or get a fully clear side panel for the case?

I think that just about covers us. Thank you all for your wonderful assistance, and build on enthusiasts! If you want to see our progress, please visit out page at:


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If you could post some images of what you have setup at this point would be a big help. For custom modifications I like using these guys....MNPCTech. They have prebuilt custom hardware or can customize it for you.

Ok I will check them out, thank you, and we do have some of the pics of our work so far on our page but I will post some up here for this request as well. Thank you.

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