Core i5 and i3 CPUs With On-Chip GPUs Launched on Monday January 04, @04:36AM


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"Intel has officially launched their new Core i5 and Core i3 lineup of Arrandale and Clarkdale processors today, for mobile and desktop platforms respectively.

Like Intel's recent release of the Pinetrail platform for netbooks, new Arrandale and Clarkdale processors combine both an integrated memory controller (DDR3) and GPU (graphics processor) on the same package as the main processor.

Though it's not a monolithic device, but is built upon multi-chip module packaging, it does allow these primary functional blocks to coexist in a single chip footprint or socket.

In addition, Intel beefed up their graphics core and it appears that the new Intel GMA HD integrated graphics engine offers solid HD video performance and even a bit of light gaming



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BUT can it play CRYSIS maxed? otherwise Intel GPU = FAIL

Intel need to get real...they haven't made a decent video chipset since TRIDENT (back in my early PC days when the DX66 was king), as for the latest on-die gpu/cpu sure it's gonna be ok for low end laptops I guess, but I doubt AMD or Nvidia are gonna consider Intel a threat unless they got their cheque book out and bought one of them.

I think to dub it as "next gen" is scandalous... since it's likely less powerful than say a 6 year old offering from the big boys.

What I'd really love to see would be AMD / NVidia Motherboard that doesn't even require a CPU plugged into it, running the whole rig using a chipset that is designed specifically ground up to use GPUs via Direct Compute to both render graphics and do all the CPU's jobs. Now THAT my friends would be "Next Gen" and no doubt way faster.

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