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Windows 8 Cpu app and windows media center app

Tiffany Lea Elmore

New Member
Nov 22, 2012
Well I put windows 8 on my first computer build. Its pretty fast but a learning curve. Going to give it a few months. But I was hoping for a windows media center metro live tile. Like the gadget in windows 7. Also is there a app to show the CPU temp yet? I have searched guess not. Could be nice to have that as a live tile too. I'd like one for facebook and gmail.


to get media center visit this page and follow the instructions:

Add features - Microsoft Windows

If you'd like to place a shortcut or Tile on the Start/Metro screen then right click whatever it is and click 'Pin to Start'.
I already did all that. I was hoping for a live tile for windows media player for recorded shows. Like the gadget from Win7
Not all tiles are Live Tiles. Media Center is not. Do you mean Media Player or Media Center? I suspect you mean Media Center.