CPU constantly at odd clock

I used CPU-Z to check my CPU's stats and it says that its clock was 2500Mhz [200x12.5]

Why is this weird? Because according to its BIOS it should have a base clock of 200Mhz and a mulitplier of 17 what equals 3.4Ghz. This is what the control panel of Windows 7 says as well.

So, how do I achieve this target clock?

P.S. I checked some other sites where mostly mobile users are having this issue. My computer is a custom build as desktop pc though. It runs fine most of the time but sometimes I wonder why things take so long. Thanks for tips.


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can you post some screen shots of you clock speeds...from you BIOS and CPU-Z.

For some reason the clock is at 200Mhz*17 now just as it should be.
I cannot tell if this issue is solved because it might reoccur and I don't know why it is fine suddenly.

I'll come back when I encounter this situation again.


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I was just talking with a friend.....and suggested that the CPU boost might be kicking in. Does your CPU have an automatic boost? What CPU do you have? Can you post your system specs as detailed as possible.

System specs as detailed as possible?
I don't know what I am supposed to name without saying anything irrelevant.

There should be some information on my forums profile - anyway I can post it here again
My machine is a custom build from 2009 with he following components [according to PassMark]:
Motherboard: GA-790XTA-UD4
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955
Memory: 8GB Kingston DDR3 SDRAM
Videocard: AMD Radeon HD 4650
Hard Drive: ST31000340NS (1TB)

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